Plaster Glass Ceiling Restorations

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Plaster Glass ceiling restoration and maintenance services

Bringing an ornate and aesthetically pleasing look to the home, plaster glass ceilings are usually associated with older homes and, when looked after carefully, can really add to the character of a property.

As with all elements of the home, the look and feel of plaster glass ceilings can diminish over time. With our plaster glass ceiling repair and maintenance services we are well equipped to bring plaster glass ceilings back to their former glory, ensuring they retain their beautiful period features and striking appearance.

If your plaster glass ceiling is in need of repair, please make sure to turn to tradesmen who really know what they are doing, and who are competent in and passionate about restoring plaster glass ceilings instead of simply replacing them with modern ceilings.

Plaster Glass Ceilings – Restore, Don’t Replace!

Unfortunately, despite their beautiful look, plaster glass ceilings are becoming a lost art form due to the introduction of plasterboard products such as Gyprock, which require less time, skill, and money to manufacture and install.

Many ceiling contractors today do not have the experience or skills required for rejuvenating an old plaster glass ceiling back to its former glory. Most ‘Gyprockers’ will recommend demolishing and removing plaster glass ceilings that are in poor condition or sagging, as they may not have the competence or confidence to restore them. It’s also a relatively quick process to install new Gyprock ceilings so many are put off by the time needed to carefully restore plaster glass ceilings.

But at Pinnacle Roofing & Ceiling Services we are passionate about ornate ceiling restoration and will take the time to find a way to bring your plaster glass ceilings back to life. We believe that plaster glass ceilings bring so much to a room that it really is worthwhile to repair and restore them.

Plaster Glass Re-strapping Perth

Here at Pinnacle Roofing & Ceiling Services we provide a full re-strapping service for plasterglass ceilings:

  • Organise and remove old insulation (if required).
  • Dust and debris vacuum using high powered industrial vacuum (if required).
  • Prop jacking to plaster glass ceilings where required, pushing ceilings flush with timbers.
  • Apply fibreglass strapping rovings and set into place using plaster cast.
  • Lastly, we will remove the prop jacks the following day as this allows adequate time for the strapping system to set.

The Plaster Glass Ceiling Specialists

At Pinnacle Roofing & Ceiling Services we are proud to be one of the few ceiling contractors in Perth that truly understand the fine art and delicacy required in working with plaster glass ceilings. Although we like to move with the times and understand that plasterboard products are the norm these days, we retain a love for what plaster glass ceilings have to offer. So if you’re in need of a plaster glass ceiling repair, restoration, or even just some ongoing maintenance, make sure to contact us to see what we can do.

We will:

  • Fully assess your plaster Glass ceiling to see how we can bring it back to life
  • Provide you with a quotation for any restorations needed
  • Bring your plaster glass ceiling back to its former glory

Ultimately, we believe that when it comes to ceilings, plaster glass material is a superior product, and we want to ensure it is treated with the respect it deserves.

Are you interested in an estimate?

If you are concerned about the condition of your ceilings, contact Pinnacle Roofing & Ceiling Services now on 0452 502 528.

Gyprock Fixings V Plasterglass Fixings

The two diagrams below illustrate the difference between a standard gyprock fixing versus a standard plasterglass fixing

Plasterglass Fixings...


Gyprock Fixings...



At Pinnacle Roofing and Ceiling Services we pride ourselves on a friendly, reliable service combined with good honest work.

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