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Are you open on weekends?

Yes, we understand it can be hard to be home for initial inspections, so we are able to offer after hours and weekend slots by appointment only. Get in quick as these times book up in advance.

Can ceiling cracks re-appear once you have fixed?

It is highly unlikely, as we back-block (reinforce) any cracked ceilings where required in order to prevent recurrence of issues. In the off-chance that a crack was to reoccur, we would re-attend to works within 5 business days.

Do you provide a painting service?

We are not registered painters, however we can patch paint fixes, if requested by customer. Should you require a more involved painting service, we can provide you with details of our preferred painting contractors.

Do you install new ceilings?

Yes. We install new ceilings upon request of customer or if current damaged ceilings are non-salvageable. We do however prefer to restore and salvage ceilings if possible, avoiding the disruption of removing existing ceilings and exposing home owner to all of the contaminants present in a roof cavity.

How far do you travel?

Based near Perth CBD, we travel as far as Mandurah to Lancelin.

Do I need to prepare work areas before your team attends to works?

If carrying out ceiling works, it would be appreciated if any furniture potentially obstructing works could be moved. We cover all work areas with protective sheeting.

How soon can you attend to works?

Our lead times vary depending on time of year, however we would prioritise works based on how critical they were, whether it be a sagging ceiling or roof leak.

How do I know if my ceilings need to be replaced?

Firstly, if there are signs of severe water damage, whether it be to a Gyprock or plasterglass ceiling. Water damaged ceilings can not be salvaged and must be replaced, or at least partly replaced. Furthermore, we would ensure that any source of water ingress was identified and addressed prior to any ceiling works.

Secondly, if the ceiling was warped beyond repair, we would recommend that the ceiling should be replaced. We can provide service for removal/disposal of old ceilings and replace with new. However, we believe that removal of existing ceilings to be absolute last resort (within reason) and would advise customer of alternative solutions.

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