Ceiling Repairs Perth

Ceiling Repairs Perth WA are what Pinnacle Roofing and Ceiling Repair Services specialise in! You can relax in the knowledge that you have found the Plaster Glass Ceiling & Gyprock Ceiling restoration experts. We are located 5km from the Perth CBD and service all areas in and around the Perth Region.

Are your ceilings sagging?

Can you view small cracks in your ceiling? Maybe there are gaps between your ceiling and roof structure? If you have answered yes to these questions contact us today as your ceiling may very well be sagging.

Ceiling in Need of Urgent Attention?

If you are concerned about the condition of your ceiling and cannot wait for an inspection, email us a photo of the of your ceiling to info@pinnacleroofingandceilingservices.com and a member of our staff will be in touch asap.

What Ceiling Repairs Perth do we offer:

  • Ornate plaster glass ceiling restoration.
  • Lath and plaster restoration.
  • Lift and repair sagging ceilings.
  • Re-strap plaster glass ceilings.
  • Provide expert advice on roof/ceiling insulation status re: weight load on ceilings and performance because we believe knowledge is key for our customers.
  • Mould treatment and removal.

At Pinnacle we use only top quality products such as CSR Gyprock and CSR Edmonds to name a few. You can rest assured that both product and workmanship are of exceptional standard.

Early Warning Signs of Ceiling Damage

Act quick if your ceilings begin to sag or if they begin to show visible signs of cracking. Did you know that most home insurance polices do not cover for collapsed ceilings? This is unless you as the home owner can prove that maintenance has been carried out.

Do not leave your damaged ceilings unattended to for too long, otherwise the ceiling may completely fail and collapse, resulting in mass disruption and inflated repair costs. Email us today to arrange a free quote.

Gyprock Ceiling Repairs Perth

Our team of experienced Ceiling Fixers are equipped to rectify a wide range of issues you may have with your Gyprock ceiling. Some of our works include (but not limited to):

  • Flushing out any undulations or ‘peak-lines’ in Gyprock ceilings.
  • Filling and flushing any holes in Gyprock ceilings, achieving a ‘glass-like’ finish.
  • Prop-jacking Gyprock ceiling back to roof timbers and securing with quality fixings, followed by flushing and patch painting.

Pinnacle Roofing & Ceiling Services always check both the roof and internal roof cavity for issues that may have contributed to any ceiling damage. Such damage could include cracked tiles or even damp insulation.

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Plaster Glass Ceiling Repair Fixes

These ceilings are generally associated with older properties. Plaster-glass ceilings can provide both ornate and aesthetically pleasing features in the home. Many customers we deal with request that we repair and restore their damaged plaster glass ceilings back to their former glory. Our aim is to achieve this while maintaining the property’s heritage character.

Our experienced team of Ceiling Fixers are experts in restoring plaster glass ceilings. Below are some of the services we provide:

  • Topside of plaster glass ceilings will be cleared of any dirt or debris. Cleaning takes place prior to strapping the ceiling so we can efficiently secure.
  • Lift plaster glass ceiling back to the roof timbers using prop-jacks. We then secure the ceiling with a fiber glass strapping system. This is installed to the topside of the plaster glass ceiling, via the internal roof cavity.
  • Fixing and flushing out any visible cracks or undulations.
  • Cornice replacement / restoration.
  • In situ moulding and castings.
  • Work areas are prepared with drop sheets and left clean and tidy.
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  • ceiling fixer perth
  • ceiling fixing perth

Re-strapping for Ceiling Repairs Perth

Here at Pinnacle Roofing & Ceiling Services we provide a full re-strapping service for plaster-glass ceilings:

  • Organise and remove old insulation (if required).
  • Dust and debris vacuum using high powered industrial vacuum (if required).
  • Prop jacking to plaster glass ceilings where required, pushing ceilings flush with timbers.
  • Apply fibreglass strapping rovings and set into place using plaster cast.
  • Lastly, we will remove the prop jacks the following day as this allows adequate time for the strapping system to set.

We are well versed in the latest Codes and Standards that are relevant to ceiling works in Perth. We apply these codes to each ceiling project we undertake.

Outdoor Ceiling Repairs

Below is an example of outdoor ceiling repairs. Flat roof ceilings are very
susceptible to water damage as the flat roof may allow water ingress due to poor drainage. In this instance, we fixed leaking roof and removed the damaged ceiling, followed by a final leak detection test.

Leak Detection Testing is of upmost importance in identifying source of ceiling damage. We carry testing upon both commencement and completion of works to ensure damage will not reoccur.

Need your ceiling repair Perth, WA fixed but unsure about terminology in describing what has happened to your ceiling? Don’t worry, we have put together a Glossary to help you understand the world of ceiling and roof repairs!

‘Thinking Outside of the Box’ for Ceiling Repairs Perth

We are staunch advocates of installing ceilings to current AS/NZS Standards, they are in place for a reason.

However, when attending to ceiling repair works across Perth, we encounter various issues in which AS/NZS Standards are not suitable for effectively resolving issue.

Installation Standards are (or should be) applied when installing ceilings from afresh, minimising any future ceiling issues.

However, when working retrospectively on a repair, there may be various reasons why Standards cannot be applied. I.e. minimising disruption in an elderly customer’s home, re-engineering solutions for ceilings throughout a property which have not been installed to Standard but customer does not want ceilings replaced, whilst there is insufficient crawl space etc.

Many ceiling fixes we carry out require ‘outside of the box’ thinking, using proven methods and techniques learnt from years of previous on-the-job experience.

Why Choose Us?

The above methods and techniques include the careful selection of adhesives and fixings suitable for varied ceiling materials, conditions and roof structures.  The same also extends to the careful selection of equipment used on different jobs, accounting for height and accessibility of ceiling works.

For example, plaster glass ceilings are generally higher than Gyprock ceilings (Standard Australian ceiling heights are 2.4 m, 2.55 m, 2.7 m or 3 m). Also, type of  elevated work platform, from versatile stool, to ladder, to high ladders, to scaffold. All of which affect the time it takes to complete works.

Furthermore, our in-depth understanding of ceilings and the various materials involved comes from our lengthy experience working with ceiling insulation products.

This includes our familiarity with old insulation products i.e. cellulose (blow-in) insulation, commonly found in many Perth homes.  

Older insulation products exert too much pressure on both Gyprock and plaster glass ceilings. This is due to the former ‘blow-in’ installation process which was unregulated 20-30 years ago, resulting in overweight material sitting on the ceiling.

Cellulose can also present issues when sitting in-between a sagging ceiling and joist and hindering ceiling lifts. Plaster glass ceilings should not be re-strapped whilst harboring cellulose insulation, dust and debris. Surfaces must be clean in order for ceiling straps to effectively adhere. Cellulose also absorbs moisture over time (becoming heavier), especially when exposed to water ingress or a poorly ventilated roof space.